Summer motivation

Happy Thursday ya all


Last week has been filled with super fun activities And events! I dont know if  the weather has been good for most of you, but i managed to get some time to go sailing, plant summer flowers And spend  time cleaning the garden . They say that 1 hour heavy work in the garden can burn over 300kcal so i think i did allright in that department  I spent 7hours doing all sorts; pushing a wheelbarrow, weeding, planting and sweating .. it was so much fun ! Recommend it to everyone ☺️


Today i I was at the gym with my mum. She finally got excited about the idea and I’m So happy for her. Its very inspiring as well. It’s not always easy to start something completely new , miles away from your comfort zone at the age of 62 and with class 1 diabetes . She did very well! Go mum !!

It was super fun to work out with her and as I’m doing a PersonalTrainer- course at the moment, it’s very important and beneficial to have someone, I can practice all the different excersises and movements with. Im also pretty happy, after I  found out today, that I passed my Gym Instructors- theory test.


So many people I know, are feeling super motivated at the moment to continue getting into better shape for the summer. That combined with good determination AND TIME … = anything is possible

I find it easier to keep fit in the summer time since you do more things out doors in general and having that small voise in the back of your head saying : ”you have to look good in a bikini”  ha ha only joking ! Summer is also time to enjoy life, eat good BBQ food and have few cocktails on the terrace!!  I personally think what ever makes you feel good about your self , gives you energy and keeps you healthy is the way forward ! Let the summer begin☀️☀️


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