GET FIT by Eva – Booty Blitz Advanced – 6 week challenge (Eva Adamson)


Do you have what it takes? Are you ready to give my Booty Blitz Advanced 6 WEEK CHALLENGE your all? I’m with you all the way, through a Facebook group, I will give you tips, motivate you and BELIEVE in YOU 110%! I want to see your progress over the 6 weeks, so all of the participants have a chance to participate in the before & after picture competition and get a chance to win great prizes!

Challenge starts 3.6.2019!

Meal plan is chosen based on your current weight, choose:

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The 6 week Booty Blitz ADVANCED is a workout program that focuses on toning the whole body and growing the glutes to be bigger and stronger.

The 6-week workout program is divided in three sections. One section lasts for two weeks and the difficulty of the program increases with every section.

In addition to the actual workout program, the client will get a meal plan (vegan meal olan also available), 100 abs challenge, a cardio boost program and warm-up exercises. The additional programs are not mandatory but highly recommended. The Booty Blitz ADVANCED contains four workout sessions per week.

Booty Blitz Advanced 6 WEEK CHALLENGE is suitable for more advanced individuals who want to take working out to the next level.

To help you with your exercises, you will also get member area with videos of workouts and Online Coaching service, where our Personal Trainers will answer your questions.

Please note that file downloads and member area can be used for 3 months after purchase.


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