8 quirky things no one knows about me


Its been a while since my last post…again. I could explain why its been a while since my last post or I can tell you the truth, which is that I just didn’t have anything to say. And I’m not even sorry! Sometimes you simply have other things on your mind or just have nothing to give because you’re focused on you – and that is totally okay! I have however decided to make this post a little more personal to give you a peek behind the curtains into my everyday life. My objective here is to make you feel like you know me, without necessarily KNOWING me.

So here we go, some weird things you don’t know about me:

#1 Socks and Sandals
Guilty as charged! I quiet enjoy the funky combo of socks and sandals. I think with some color, courage and imagination we can brake the curse that surrounds this pair and re-discover it as something totally cute! The best thing is you can always make it your own. IMG_5332

#2 Knits, Knits, Knits
Yes. I am obsessed.
There’s something about buying a warm fluffy knit that just feels like home. I think the fact that I’m Finnish has something to do with my obsession with knits. Here in Finland we spend approximately 4-5 months in temperatures below zero Celsius (sometimes up to -40 Celsius) so having a closet full of warm knits really comes in handy during winter. But I can admit that my knit collecting has totally taken over my closet and I seriously do need to stop hording them!


#3 The same goes for shoes. Too many shoes.


#4 I’m a lazy ass with make-up!
When ever I apply foundation I always portion the foundation I’m about to use onto my hand. Once I’ve applied the foundation I’m left with a foundation stain on the back of my hand. Sometimes I forget to wash the blotch off…or sometimes I’m just too lazy to do it. During the day I might be out at the shops and while paying at the cashier I realize the foundation mark on my hand. Its super embarrassing haha but what can you do. F it. Life’s not too serious.


#5 VS body mist…more like oxygen.
I love Victoria’s Secret body mist scents, my favorite is Pure Seduction which is a plummy scent. I actually love the scents so much that I use up a bottle in a week or so. You might wonder how that’s possible. Well let me tell you – I literally spray the mist everywhere around my apartment; in my kitchen, on my bed, in my closet, on the carpets, on the couch, on the pillows, in my hair, on my body, in the shoe closet and anywhere else you can think of. I love it when all my things smell pretty. Now my beloved boyfriend isn’t that thrilled about it, and he always asks me if I’m planning on getting a new bottle of ”home fragrance” since I use it on everything at home (also his stuff hihi).


#6 Fire hasn’t been discovered in our household yet.
I love candles especially during fall. I have a bunch on candles at home, however I haven’t got around to lighting one up yet. The reason for this is that I never ever remember to buy matches or a lighter. I have been on the quest for buying matches or a lighter for months. Until then I have perfectly preserved candles waiting for autumns dark nights.


#7 Lemonade? No thanks.
Some people really love lemonade. My version of lemonade is a glass of water with a multivitamin tablet that dissolves in the water. My favorite is orange flavor, it is a great supplement for Fanta. I have 1 glass of vitamin water every day (no more). It helps keep me healthy throughout the year. During the rest of the day I usually only drink water to keep hydrated since I’m not a huge fan of sweet drinks.


#8 My secret obsession.
A lot of people use Pinterest for inspirational pictures and they group these images into theme folders. I find flicking through Pinterest to be very calming and therapeutic. I have lots of folders filled with for example fashion to interior inspiration however my secret obsession is marketing. I have a marketing folder which is filled with great marketing diagrams and tips.


So here are 8 things that most people don’t know about me. It was kind of wonderful to write down things about myself that make me me. Everything I have told you about here are the tiny things that make me who I am and I couldn’t be prouder to be me. Anytime you feel inadequate or doubtful about who your are, write up a list of quirky things that make you special. Once the list is finished, go through it and take pride. They are what make you wonderfully different to everyone else.

Until next time.



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